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Information Division
Information Division


The role of the Information Division at the NCDR is to integrate the research results obtained from various NCDR Divisions, relevant authorities/organizations/ local governments, and foreign static and dynamic information related to disaster prevention, use information technology to enhance the effectiveness of disaster-management operations, establish disaster-management information systems for nationwide, regional, or local disasters, and assist various units with assessment, analysis, and decision making, thereby achieving effective disaster prevention and mitigation. Since the Information Division was founded, the objectives of the Division have been developing and establishing disaster management information systems and platforms.


Primary Tasks

1. Establish an Integrated Platform on Information and Intelligence of Disaster to assist with disaster management
  The purpose of this system is to integrate various disaster-management warning methods, transform cumulative knowledge on disaster management into a decision tree that can be used in disaster management, enhance the effectiveness of applying information related to disaster management, and reduce public losses caused by disasters. This system should yield a reduction of local government system-development and operational costs for disaster-prevention and response by integrating and sharing information between the central and local governments.
2. Establish a Disaster Management Information Platform to facilitate disaster information exchanges
  This platform is to combine the research results and data resources of NCDR and relevant government authorities to build the Disaster Management Information Platform, various disaster information and models and Big Data technology are applied in this platform. This platform provides information analysis and integration, models connection and simulation results analysis, data demonstration in chart and graphic form, and decision making management indicator formation. In addition to the development and establishment of this platform, our division also provides services including satellite remote control, image recognition, flight simulation, etc. and is aimed to promote this platform to industry, government and academia for providing demonstration and other applications to increase capacities of environment management on a national level and efficiently decrease losses from disasters.
3. Establish an NCDR Alert Platform to support disaster alert open data service
  NCDR cooperates with government authorities to standardize information alerting format, making typhoon, torrential rain, earthquake, tsunami, flood, water high level, reservoir discharge, debris flow, work/school close, road closure, and train accident alerts in Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) format. NCDR Alert Platform provides data alerts in open data way. It allows CAP developers to get data alerts from one platform instead of parsing data from multiple websites. This platform provides Atom Feed service, users can get latest data alerts by computer application. It also provides push services including FTPs, E-mails, HTTP post, and data alerts to users. This platform received 10,083 alerts from agencies and responded more than 3 million queries in 2015. There are 248 users, including universities, local government, military, central government authorities, private companies, telecom companies, institutes, APP developers and Google. These users help transform data alters in different forms, such as website, cell phone APP, text messages. With information alerting, citizens can response earlier and reduce property losses.


Key Achievements

1. Integrated Platform on Information and Intelligence of Disaster (
Integrated Platform
2. Disaster Management Information Platform (
Disaster Management Information Platform
3. NCDR Alert Platform (
NCDR Alert Platform

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